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Grilled Nectarines with Raspberry Ricotta

Grilled Nectarines with Raspberry Ricotta

Hello summer! Sweet, sweet summer. Even though it’s sooo hot outside, I can’t help but want to get out there and throw all the summer produce on the grill. It’s totally worth the sweat. The grill is not just for savory foods; sweet fruits are also wonderful after a few minutes on the grill to give them those deep dark smoky savory char lines.

While plain grilled fruit is pretty awesome, having a little something to serve them with is ideal. Nectarines/peaches and raspberries are two summer favorites that make a classic pairing (peach melba anyone). And ricotta is delicious in so many sweet and savory ways. So, here we are with these guys, plus some honey and almonds, coming together to make an easy dessert both sweet and complex in flavor.

This dish makes a flavor-packed and balanced end to any summer meal. Plus it is really very easy. The hardest part, at least for me, is grilling the nectarines with care as to minimize loses of the delicate flesh to the grill. Even if they don’t turn out with the desired cross-hatch pattern, they will still taste awesome, I promise.

Ricotta is a super versatile ingredient that I have been playing with a lot lately. It can be used in so many ways, from snacks, to sauces, to main dishes, to desserts. Ricotta is rich, creamy, and is a good source of protein, all of which makes me want to find different ways to incorporate it in fun recipes. I hope you enjoy this one and take advantage of grill season!

Grilled Nectarines with Raspberry Ricotta

Makes 4 servings


1 cup (120g) raspberries

1 cup (250g) whole milk or part skim ricotta

pinch salt

splash vanilla extract

4 nectarines






Place raspberries in food processor and blend until totally liquefied. Strain pureed raspberries into a small bowl through a fine mesh strainer, pressing against the strainer with a spatula until only seeds are left. Discard seeds (or grow raspberry bushes!).

Rinse out food processor to get rid of any seeds. Add strained raspberry puree back into the processor along with the ricotta, salt, and vanilla. Blend until totally homogenous. Place raspberry ricotta in the fridge while next working on the nectarines.

Cut nectarines in half top to bottom. Make sure your knife is sharp and you are cutting all the way to the pit. Gently twist apart the halves and remove the pit with your fingers or by cutting around it a little.

Heat your grill or a grill pan. When hot, spray both the grill and the cut sides of the nectarine with pan spray. A good coating is important to avoid sticking. Let cook for 1-2 minutes to create sear lines, then turn 90° and let cook another 1-2 minutes. Flip and cook another minute. Remove from grill. (Don’t forget to turn it off!) Use tongs or a thin metal spatula to move the nectarines. It can be hard to move them without losing some flesh to the grill, but just try your best. Less ripe nectarines will be firmer and easier to cook.

Let nectarines cool down a little, then serve with the raspberry ricotta, a little honey, chopped almonds, and a few raspberries. These are best enjoyed right away. Easily reduce or increase ingredients to serve as many people as you like.

Notes: If using frozen raspberries, thaw before blending. Whole milk ricotta is richer, but part-skim saves a few grams of fat. Use which ever you prefer. I used white nectarines because that was what was on my counter at the time, but any peach or nectarine would work here.

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