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Sandia Salad

Sandia Salad


Happy Labor Day! I am refusing to accept this holiday somehow marks the end of summer. It’s definitely still very hot out and watermelon is still very much in season, so I see no reason not to make the most of what we still have. There is nothing quite like cold and crisp watermelon to cool you down on simmering hot summer days. Here we are adding a few extra flavors to enjoy that refreshing feeling as part of a delicious seasonal meal.

Sandia means watermelon in Spanish and is an ode to the Latin feel of this salad. The fresh sweetness of watermelon pairs perfectly with a few bright, herby, and salty flavors you find in Mexican cuisine; cilantro, lime, and queso fresco. These guys plus cucumber, tomato, and avocado round out this salad with more crunch and savoriness for the most summery salad I can think of.


Although I am posting this salad ‘recipe’, there isn’t really a true recipe. Ingredients are provided, but the amounts you use are up to your taste buds. Want more crunch, add more cucumber. Need more richness, more avocado and olive oil. Want more saltiness to compliment the sweet watermelon, sprinkle on more queso fresco or flaky salt. How you make it is totally up to you! Hope this salad inspiration helps you enjoy the hot, yet beautiful summer days we still have left ahead of us. Enjoy!


Sandia Salad

Watermelon, cut into 1” (2.5cm) cubes

Cucumber, thinly sliced

Heirloom tomatoes, cut into ½” (1.75cm) pieces

Avocado, ½” (1.75cm) cubes

Queso fresco, crumbled

Cilantro leaves, torn

Lime juice

Extra virgin olive oil

Flaky salt

Lay out the watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado on a large flat dish or serving platter. Scatter, drizzle, and sprinkle the queso fresco, cilantro leaves, lime juice, olive oil and salt as you like over top.

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